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    Installing the Follett Digital Reader for Win/Mac

    The Follett Digital Reader can be downloaded to your laptop or desktop computer to give you access to your bookshelf even when you’re not connected to the internet.

    What you can do

    • Download individual books to your desktop
    • See all your notes and highlights in each downloaded book
    • Sync your bookshelf so you always have your latest notes available
    • Use your book notes to study on the go

    Where it works

    Follett Digital Reader works with both Windows and Mac OS.

    System Requirements


    Minimum Requirements

    Recommended Requirements


    Microsoft IE 7
    Firefox 5
    Google Chrome
    Apple Safari 5
    1024 x 768 Resolution
    *Adobe Flash v11.1
    ***Adobe Air 3.4

    Microsoft IE 9
    Firefox 15
    Google Chrome
    Apple Safari 6
    1024 x 768 Resolution or higher
    *Adobe Flash v11.4
    ***Adobe Air 3.4

    * Adobe Flash v11.1 or higher required
    ** Text only format is not available on Microsoft IE 7-8 or Windows 7 phones
    ***Adobe Air 3.4 is packaged with the download. See the system requirements.
    Note: You must enable cookies, to use the FollettShelf.

    How to get it

    1. Login to your FollettShelf and open any book in the Follett Digital Reader Online.
    2. Under the username in the upper right hand corner, select Download Offline Reader.
    3. Click the Download Now button and follow the instructions on your screen to open the installer file you are downloading.
    4. Once you have opened the installer, follow the instructions on the installer to complete.
    5. When you open Follett Digital Reader for the first time, you will be asked to log in to your Follett Digital Reader account to complete the initial sync of your bookshelf.
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